About Alex

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Hi there! I'm Alex, owner of MackLance. It's a pleasure to meet your virtual acquaintance. 😉

I spent the overwhelming majority of my first nineteen years in a Cleveland suburb. I left Cleveland in 2010 and have lived all over Ohio. Columbus is my home away from home. In 2018, I moved to Kent to be closer to family.

I’ve been freelancing since early 2016. In the past, I created a lot of content for other people, and frankly, I became bored with it — which is one of the reasons why I don’t offer content creation now.

When making websites, I code everything from scratch. I utilize plugins where it makes sense, but that's not very often. I don't use any third-party templates in my work. Everything is customized — I care about what I produce.

I graduated from a respected high school, and I earned my Associate’s in 2015. In the realm of computers, I’m self-educated for the most part. I've taken a few online web design and development courses.

Leisurely activity seems fleeting in our current landscape — which doesn't bother those of us who absolutely love what we do! Lucky for me, I belong in that category... When I’m not busy crafting beautiful websites, I’m usually spending time staying current with all things web design. We exist in an ever-changing world, and the vast world of the Internet is anything but an exception.

When I do have time to spare, I enjoy reading, crocheting, or cooking something new. I cherish spending time with family and friends. My favorite Netflix category is standup comedy.

I go by my middle name — I despise my first. It’s something about the way it sounds.

I’m obsessed with my dog, Nina. She loves going for long walks; unfortunately for me, she pays no mind to inclement weather. She puts her nose to the ground and trots along without a care in the world. She loves playing in the snow. I’ve had her since she was about seven weeks old; she’ll be eight in December. My, how time flies.

photo of Nina

Operating out of Kent, Ohio.